Observations from a First Year’s Eyes

Being a ‘First Year’ so far has shown me all the opportunities that this program has to offer and what I, and beginners like me, can apply for. The committees that you can pick from allow many ‘first years’ to know what we can take on as a responsibility and what we can learn more about. So far, I have seen how each meeting has been run and I’ve been getting in the routine of talking about the agenda for each session. Youth In Government has contributed to a deeper understanding of the current political climate. Through this, I have learned what to do and what to say if I’ve been called on to talk and share. Youth In Government has given me a voice. This opportunity to be in the Capitol has broadened my skill on my position. This has proved to be a great opportunity to reach beyond my home delegation and even beyond my comfort zone.  For me, and I’m sure to many others, this new program will greatly help in school and begin to help me prepare for college. Model Government holds good experiences. It will not only help me see broader with the new information, but will give me a new learning opportunities; this gives me and many of my peers an advantage in higher education opportunities. I joined YIG after hearing about it from a friend who has already experienced it and recommended it to me because the good experience they had. From my point of view, I am most looking forward to the challenge YIG presents and continuing in the program so I can lift myself to a higher plane of understanding. I feel this experience of being in Madison first hand has let me and many of my peer delegates gain knowledge and valuable experiences that we will continue to use throughout our lives.

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