Changes in YIG Cares

The YIG Cares project this year has changed. In previous years, the Secretary of State designs the project to support at Model Government. For example, last year SOS Saul Roselaar hosted a drive, asking delegations to collect a donation of snack foods to give to a youth organization in the Madison area. This year, the idea of a service project was revamped. “Each delegation was asked to complete a service project within their  own community,” Saul stated during closing ceremonies at Pre Gov. Although these projects were not mandated this year, many delegations have designed their own projects and will be presenting them at Model Gov. For example, Eau Claire’s project includes the Community Table; this local charity opens its doors every day for those who are in need of a hot meal. The majority of the patrons are on food programs, and the Community Table helps them stretch the limited resources that are given to them. But in these programs, “luxury” items are not part of what needs are covered. This includes personal care items like toothbrushes, shampoo, or even deodorant. The delegation is teaming up with local schools to close the gap by hosting drives at 6 locations across the city and collecting items to be distributed to participants of the Community Table program. To increase incentives for those who donate, there is planned to be a competition between the schools; whichever donates the most will win bragging rights in the ever more heated cross-town rivalries. But in the end, it’s the people of Eau Claire who win with their generosity by helping others in need within the community.

Retta Isaacson

Retta Isaacson is a senior at Eau Claire North High School. This is her third year in Youth in Government but her first year in Press Corps. She was elected the Editor of the News section. What she enjoys most about the program is the ability to meet new people who are willing to share their own ideas and opinions. Retta is also the treasurer for her delegation and an active member of her school’s Forensics team.

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