Dear Future Leaders

With seniors ineligible for reelection the entire executive branch will be replaced in this year’s election cycle. This branch does the majority of learning on the job and the outgoing Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Secretary of State had a few words of wisdom to pass on to those who will soon take responsibility for their present roles. Current Governor Nora Ptacek advised, “being a servant leader is all about the students in the program…it’s no longer about you, it’s what you will do for the program.” She went on to add “[the role of Governor] doesn’t mean anything until you do something.” Lieutenant Governor Jenna Seiler’s advice was to “get involved in all branches as much as you can.” On the her role she went on to say “it’s sacrificing most of your energy to ensure everyone has the best weekend possible.” Secretary of State Saul Roselaar said when asked about advice answered “find problems and fix them, find opportunities and pursue them…don’t think any mountain is too tall to climb, go for it, do it.” His best summary for the position of Secretary of State overall was “take those risks and just go for it.” In the end, we all want what is best for a program we have all grown to love. Those who will soon be voted to run the executive branch will hopefully continue to foster those ideals as well.

Retta Isaacson

Retta Isaacson is a senior at Eau Claire North High School. This is her third year in Youth in Government but her first year in Press Corps. She was elected the Editor of the News section. What she enjoys most about the program is the ability to meet new people who are willing to share their own ideas and opinions. Retta is also the treasurer for her delegation and an active member of her school’s Forensics team.

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