Harvey and Nelson Combined

Due to the size of the program, the assembly is normally split into two chambers to facilitate opportunity to debate. The idea is that if the delegates are split between two chambers, Harvey and Nelson, the more likely delegates are to be called on and more bills have a chance to be debated. But the first rounds of debate today were a combination of Harvey and Nelson in the assembly chamber. This was due to “scheduling issues with the Capitol, another group is scheduled until 4:30” in the North Hearing, according to delegation advisor Jen Zwicky. Chair of Harvey Assembly, Genevieve Frank, stated, “Having more people is more diverse opinions.” She said it created a more active debate right away in the chamber. The converging voices of both assemblies was an excellent example of debate and advisors hoped that this could be used as an opportunity for all involved to adjust into the rhythm of more regular debate.  After dinner, the two chambers were able to split with Nelson in the Assembly room and Harvey in the North Hearing room as planned. Although it was not planned, this experience turned out to be surprisingly beneficial for debate in the end.

Retta Isaacson

Retta Isaacson is a senior at Eau Claire North High School. This is her third year in Youth in Government but her first year in Press Corps. She was elected the Editor of the News section. What she enjoys most about the program is the ability to meet new people who are willing to share their own ideas and opinions. Retta is also the treasurer for her delegation and an active member of her school’s Forensics team.

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