Importance of Using the Capitol

In my opinion, we are an extremely fortunate group of students. Not only are we immersed in an accepting political environment where we can go from heated debaters one minute to supportive friends the next, we are permitted to use one of the nation’s most beautiful capitols. But it’s about more than just the looks. Of course, I can appreciate the breathtaking rotunda as well as the next small-town Wisconsin kid, but the real value in using our capitol building lies in the environment it provides us. As a youth organization partaking in real world “adult” issues, it can be difficult for our words to seem like they bear any weight. The fact that we use the same facilities as the people who truly make the decisions that shape our society is amazing. Sitting in their seats in the classically decorated chambers brings a sense of seriousness to the mock debates, cases, and reporting we do. I believe that being in such a historically important building makes us feel that what we are doing—sparking ideas, exchanging news, debating the constitutionality of a decision or bill—is important too. Not only does the capitol building provide us with a sense of importance, but the building itself is a pleasure to admire. In a fast paced, advancing world, we don’t often look around and appreciate the beauty around us. But I urge you, plead of you- when you have a moment to yourself, think about how much has happened inside the elaborate walls in the past 100 years. Think about all the people who have passed through, some who made little impact and others who influenced our state and our nation. Think about what you could do. This is why the capitol is so important to me personally and the entire Youth in Government program. It isn’t just a building to host us; it brings us together from our separate delegations into one unified group. It is inspiring and has the potential to make you realize just how far you could go.

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