An Act to Illegalize Memes

Thomas Felt, a first-year delegate from Stevens Point, is excited to present his bill about making memes illegal. His bill will make it illegal for certain social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to publish memes. When asked about his inspiration for this bill, he said that he has “seen the poor effects that memes can have on people, such as wasting time or provoking bad thoughts.” His proposed financing is very unique, including “tax increase of reasonable size” on mattresses that do not have springs. On the reason for the increase on mattresses without springs, he said that he has “noticed a rising popularity in mattresses that do not contain springs, such as memory foam.” He believes that his bill will face a lot of opposition “because of the prevalence of memes in youth culture.” When he was asked if he thinks the bill will pass, he responded saying he is “keeping an open mind.”

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