Memories of Youth in Government

Throughout the years, many YIG delegates return to Youth in Government because they truly enjoy their experience. However, every delegate has a different experience that makes them want to return. Like other delegates, Maggie Hartman’s favorite memory was when her bill got passed. She says that it was “such a great feeling” and that “her happiness of her achievement” fueled her strive to continue in YIG. Similar to Maggie, Chief Justice Olivia Mancheski-Thompson’s favorite memory was of her achievements. Olivia says that being elected Chief Justice for the 2016-2017 YIG season was “humbling” as she was elected to the position by the people she has grown close with through the years. She is “honored to serve by their side” and is very grateful for “the laughs that we’ve shared and the memories made.” The laughs that go on behind the scenes are very important to the atmosphere of YIG as well. Delegate Sydney Felhofer remembers when her fellow delegate “put on high heels and ran a race.” Sydney stated, “Fun things always happen at Youth in Government”. So remember to keep striving for your bills to get passed and keep running for elections, but have some fun along the way.


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