Quinn Casey

Quinn Casey is a third year member in Youth in Government.  This is her third year in the Legislative Branch, and her second year as the Vice President for the Stevens Point Delegation.  She attends Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) and has a love of history and politics.  When asked what she’d do without YIG, she replied, “I’d be boring.”

She enjoys Youth in Government for a variety of reasons, whether it be the memories, the bills, and the values of YIG.  She enjoys being in the Senate because she loves hearing the funny bills and being in the comfy chairs.  She participates in most bills, encouraging debate by providing an argument that goes even against her own beliefs.

Her favorite memory of YIG is when she climbed a mountain with Jordan Madden during CONA 2015, and she looks forward to seeing new faces and old friends at this year’s Model Government Session.

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