Reez Bailey- Candidate for Secretary of State

“I see a lot of potential in the bills that are submitted to model government and I think they could be translated into actual legislation,” said Reez Bailey, candidate for secretary of state. Bailey’s platform includes a plan to legitimize delegate bills, which is modeled after a preexisting organization called ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).  The nonprofit organization takes mock bills and distributes them to legislators to become actual bills.  “ALEC is responsible for over 200 state bills that are passed every year,” said Bailey, proving the effectiveness of the program.  “I thought ALEC was a very interesting idea and something similar could be applied here because we create model legislation.” Bailey’s program would be called “YIG Does” and it would mandate that any bill signed by the youth governor would be sent to the legislator that corresponds with the author of the bill’s district.  When asked about why he is the best candidate, Bailey responded that his ability to translate his own ideas and the ideas submitted to him through delegates could clearly represent the entire Wisconsin Youth in Government program.  Overall, Bailey’s biggest goal would be to implement the “YIG Does” program to change not only our mock Wisconsin delegations but our real government as well.

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