The Free Empire of Wisconsin

Quinn Casey’s bill advocates for the state of Wisconsin to leave the United States of America.  The purpose would be to better suit the needs of Wisconsinites through Wisconsin’s own policies, rather than through the policies of the United States government.  First, Wisconsin would submit a request for independence to the U.S. government, and if that fails, Wisconsin will go to war with the United States.

The “cons” stated by delegates included getting rid of the U.S. dollar, which is a stable currency. Another con was not having enough military resources to defeat the United States Armed Forces in the case of a war, a draft in the instance of war, and the possibility of another Civil War.

The “pros” stated by delegates consisted of Wisconsin gun owners providing military resources, the innate Badger Spirit in all Wisconsinites, and the large amount of conflict that currently surrounds the United States government.  Another positive example of succession was also brought up – the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.  After leaving the European Union, the United Kingdom’s stock market and value of the pound dropped but has been stabilizing to pre-Brexit days.  The UK’s succession provides an example that Wisconsin would not face harsh economic consequences for leaving the United States.

The debate for this bill was interesting, with valid points for and against the bill.  Such points include the benefits of the Great Lakes as natural borders, the power of the U.S. Armed Forces against those of the Empire of Wisconsin, and a large amount of patriotism in Wisconsinites.

Quinn Casey’s bill passed in the Senate and we look forward to the debates to come in the other assemblies.

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