The Lowdown on Friday Fun Night

For this year’s Friday Fun Night, Youth in Government delegates are going to be entertained by hypnotist Paul Knight. Wisconsin’s Youth in Government State Director, Steve Elliott, stated, “The suggestion of looking for a hypnotist came out of the October meeting of the Governor’s cabinet.  We generally defer to the students for suggestions of what to do on Friday night.” Paul Knight has been a hypnotist for over 35 years. “I got into hypnosis because of a life-long interest. I was curious about hypnosis from before age 3. I started studying hypnosis by the time I was 9. I actually hypnotized someone when I was in college,” Paul stated. “That was at a party, and a woman wanted to quit smoking. I helped her quit. She told friends about me, and I helped them. They told friends and so on. Pretty soon I had a practice running. After I graduated college, I went through formal training and became a fully certified hypnotherapist. That was about when I started doing entertainment. I did that because someone wanted a hypnotist for a party and they asked me. I discovered I enjoyed both aspects of hypnosis and have been doing it ever since.” Over the past few years, it’s been relatively hard for Knight to find jobs. However, things are looking up for him. “ In the past few months, business has picked up significantly, and things are looking good for the future. It is all about advertising and word of mouth.” When asked about what we should be expecting tonight, Paul would give nothing away. Although, he did say you could take a look at his YouTube channel – HypnotistPaulKnight – to take a peek at his past performances. “The performance is going to be pretty lightweight. While the volunteers should go deeply into hypnosis, I will not be doing a lot of explaining or lecturing. This is for fun, not education. However, I will be happy to stay after the show to talk more about hypnosis and go more in depth.” This year’s Friday Fun Night will be one to remember featuring Paul Knight!

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