Secretary of State Candidate Cameron Rass

“I feel like at the state level, people will see what I have to offer and really consider me for Secretary of State,” Cameron Rass, Door County Delegation said. Cameron is going into his second year of Youth In Government and is more than ready to run for his first state-level position. “I saw areas that could use improvement and I knew that I could change them for the better,” Rass said.  Rass’s plan as Secretary of State will be to get the Secretary of State position back to where it should be.  “I will also be more on top of things in a quicker and more organized fashion.  My YIG cares project will be a book drive and each book will be given out to different kids to give them a sense of responsibility. These books will be handed out at local food drives.  “Not only will I be on top of things, I will get them done earlier than ever.” Rass will be removing the YIG cares service day and bringing back the state YIG cares service. “I don’t feel like the YIG cares service day is practical or completely beneficial because not all delegates will be able to experience the same level of interest and cooperation.  However, if we go back to the original YIG cares project, more kids will participate over a larger amount of time instead of having one day dedicated to helping out the community.” 

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