2016-2017 YIG Officers

Here’s your complete list of 2016-2017 YIG officers!

Governor – Nora Ptacek, Fox Cities
Lieutenant Governor – Jenna Seiler, Door County
Secretary of State – Saul Roselaar, Fox Cities

President – Elly Craig, Dane County
Floor Leader – Andrew Duncombe, Fox Cities
Chief Clerk – Ian Roback, Eau Claire
Reading Clerk – Cal Bunge, Eau Claire

Nelson Assembly
Speaker – Sahil Baherawala, Fox Cities
Floor Leader – Carter King, Fox Cities
Chief Clerk – Grace Multhauf, Eau Claire
Reading Clerk – Daniel Han, Kettle Moraine

Harvey Assembly
Speaker – Genevieve Frank, Fox Cities
Floor Leader – Caitlin Plaisance, Stevens Point
Chief Clerk – Ben Xiong, Fox Cities
Reading Clerk – Quinn Rowe, Stevens Point

Supreme Court
Chief Justice – Olivia Mancheski-Thompson, Door County
First Justice – Emma Ross, Fox Cities
Attorney General – Parker Summers, Fox Cities
Marshal – Lexi Wery, Door County
Deputy Marshal – Caleb Manning, Eau Claire
Judicial Review Committee –
Maggie Buss, Fox Cities
Hayden Holz, Fox Cities
Ryan King, Stevens Point
Lucy Morris, Fox Cities
Rania Nasif, Stevens Point
Tori Nieman, Stevens Point

Press Corps
Editor-in-Chief – Erin Gretzinger, Fox Cities
Assistant Editor-in-Chief – Sarah Fleming, Fox Cities
Video Editor – Avalon McDonald-Lewis, Stevens Point
Photography Editor – Adison Cole, Fox Cities
Section Editors –
Gale Chier, Door County
Retta Isaacson, Eau Claire
Jenna Menadue, Stevens Point

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