A Farewell from Governor Izzy Quattrucci

Governor Izzy Quattrucci is sad to leave Model Government this year, as it is her final year in the program. Although she is excited for her future in college next year, Youth in Government will be dearly missed. Many delegates say that the people are what makes YIG so amazing, and Quattrucci agrees: “There are so many amazing people in this program, and I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of them, but there are so many people that I haven’t gotten to meet, and now that I’m leaving I’m never going to get to do that.” On a less depressing note, Izzy noted that YIG has done a lot to impact her life. “It’s given me an outlet to express my opinion,” she said. This year has been a little different for her, serving as governor rather than in the legislative branch. “I wouldn’t trade it, but it has been strange to do something completely different than what I’ve done every other year,” she stated. “Throughout the weekend I definitely missed my time in leg.” But regardless of the differences from past years, Izzy Quattrucci is grateful that she had the chance to serve as youth governor this year. “I think overall it was a really good experience,” she said. Although she would love to extend her time in YIG and become a college advisor next year, unfortunately, this will most likely not be plausible due to college activities. In the future, she hopes to attend grad school in Madison, so this could be a potential opportunity to become a CA. Izzy has plenty of YIG memories, but one that stood out was last year, when a bill to secede from the union passed through two houses. After this, the bill was vetoed by the governor, but delegates came together to override it. “I gave the pro-override of veto speech and then we successfully overrode the veto,” she said. This was a really powerful moment. Another memory was at CONA last year, when she watched the sunrise with delegates from around the country. “It was really a very peaceful time,” she said. Memories like this are what Izzy Quattrucci will cherish even when she graduates and leaves Youth in Government. This program has done a lot in her life. She stated, “It’s really impacted who I’ve grown to become over the past 4 years.”

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