A Senior’s Farewell to YIG

As the weekend comes to a close, many senior members have come to the depressing realization that while the memories made through this program may last a long time, the connections between the people they’ve met will fade. For some delegates, Youth in Government introduced them to their closest friends and allowed them to bond over the years. It is a dismal time for seniors, but one thing to remember is that the ways YIG has affected you will last forever. The most common response to the question, “Why do you love Youth in Government?” is simple: it changed my life. What does this mean? How has it changed us? For me, I gained confidence. I found out that there are people as excited about government as I am. I learned that a group of young people do have the power to make a difference in our society. The values instilled in me by YIG– working hard, connecting with people, standing up for what I believe in, and so much more—will stay with me while I navigate through life. So my answer to the question, “Why do you love Youth in Government?” isn’t it changed my life.  My answer is that it changed who I am today, but it also changed who I will be. It changed the way I see the world; I look for the best in people and listen to their opinions. It changed my views on government; now that I see what a group of high school kids can accomplish in a weekend, I expect more of our national and local officials. Youth in Government exposed me to a group of people with integrity, intelligence, and most of all, a passion for improving our world.

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