A Welcome from the Editor-in-Chief

First of all, I just want to say welcome. Whether you are coming back from a long break for yet another exciting year of Youth in Government, preparing for your last year in the program, or are debating on making it your first year, welcome.

My name is Erin Gretzinger and I am a sophomore at Appleton East High School. I am in the Fox Cities Delegation and have spent all four of my years in YIG as a part of the Press Corps. I am thrilled to be back this year as well as humbled to be the Editor-in-Chief for the state. I cannot begin to explain how much Youth in Government has impacted my life. Before I joined YIG, I was lost in the craziness of middle school. When I first heard about the program, I didn’t think that I would belong. I was always at odds with my friends when it came to my love of journalism, and I thought at YIG, I would be in the same situation. I’ve never been more glad to admit I was wrong. I’ve met so many amazing people and formed friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I still learn new things everytime I enter a meeting. This is a truly unique experience that has opened so many doors for me. Every year in Youth in Government is exciting and different. Each session brings new challenges, adventures, and opportunities. Youth in Government is a great program, but the people are what makes it incredible.

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