We Are Yig: Amy Huempfner

YIG advisers are vital for YIG to run. Amy Huempfner is a YIG adviser for the Chippewa delegation. Upon interviewing her we found out that during her free time she is a coach of cross country at McDonell High School, she helps out with the girls track team.  Her main job is a marketing and youth coordinator at the YMCA. She loves to run, bike and spend time on the lake in the summer.

She said she didn’t have a choice of if she wanted to be the adviser or not it was just a part of her job. Even though she didn’t get a choice she loves it. She loves watching her delegates grow and be confident on their own. The delegates she has had for a while have grown over the year and she loves seeing that. Last year, Jen Zwicky started the program for Chippewa Falls Delegation and Amy was there to help out and learn about how to be an advisor. This year Amy was all on her own with no help.

Her favorite thing about YIG is model gov. She loves seeing her delegates succeed at debating and other things. A normal day for her is running around making sure all her delegates are where they are supposed to be and working hard. One thing she thinks is good to have for succeeding is having confidence. With that confidence you can use it to excel in the field you are in. Advisers are important for YIG. If we didn’t have them we would not work right.

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