Alexander Virijevich For Secretary of State

Alexander Virijevich is from the Chippewa Delegation and this is his second year in Youth in Government. He has decided to run for Secretary of State so that he can make a difference. Virijevich also wants to have experience in how the government works; he thinks the best way to do this is to get involved. His idea for being Secretary of State is to make a website through the YMCA. On the website, it will be a quick and easy way to talk to your representatives. He believes that the new generation of kids should be heard. He thinks delegates can learn a lot from talking more frequently to their representatives. “I don’t really have a role model. I learn from multiple people, not just one,” Virijevich said. He became involved in Youth in Government after he saw an ad for it on a paper. He thought it would really cool to get involved in government activities. Debating isn’t really something he likes; he prefers the aspects of Supreme Court. He was really surprised by how many people wanted to learn about government. He suspected only 100 kids to be at Model Gov, not several hundred, and he wants to increase interest. Another aspect in Youth in Government he wants to make more interactive is the Governor’s Ball. It is an opportunity for delegates to mingle and meet others their age who have similar interests. His main goal as SOS is that he wants the delegates and he wants to make a difference in your lives, listen to your opinions, and consider them.  Delegate Virijevich has many starting points for his candidacy. He hopes he will be able to share these with Youth in Government and make an impact on the program. He hopes delegates consider him for candidacy so he can have the chance to make a difference. 

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