Amanda Stuck

Representative Amanda Stuck is part of the Wisconsin State Assembly. She has always been greatly involved in politics, and now has made it a career.

Rep Stuck has a long political history behind her. At the early age of 10, she saw Bill Clinton speak. She knew that she was interested in going into politics at that moment. Stuck started to pay more attention to what was going on in the United States political atmosphere. Then, at 16, she started working on a few campaigns. While she was still an undergraduate student, Rep Stuck got her first job with Steve Kagen on his first campaign. She started off as an intern, and was later  hired to work in his office in Appleton. “The connections I made working on the campaign and in his office have helped shape where I went since then and where I am today,” Stuck says. “That job was key to getting me here today.” She also volunteered in Al Gore’s campaign in 2000, and John Kerry’s in 2004.

Even when Stuck was in college, she was working toward her goals- more specifically, a campaign of her own. Most of her time outside of class was spent on this, as well as building her network. This included participating in AmeriCorps. The AmeriCorps is a voluntary civil program where individuals commit to help their country. “I learned more about community and the needs of the community. I also learned more about the intersection of government and nonprofits and how they work together,” Stuck said. 

Stuck was elected into the Wisconsin State Assembly in 2014. While she loves her job, being a part of the Assembly does have its difficulties. Rep Stuck finds it hard to balance the needs of everybody, especially in District 57, where it is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. She also stated that you have to pick your battles, as there are too many important issues that need attending to. “You have to choose which issues to focus on, which can be difficult,” she said. However, when asked what the most rewarding aspect of being a representative is, Rep Stuck claims that it is the fact that she is able to help people.

Since her political career took off, Stuck has had some accomplishments. Rep Stuck has authored two bills that passed through the Legislature this session. One was signed by the Governor last month. Rep Stuck also authored Assembly Bill 349, which prohibits the practice of conversion therapy in Wisconsin. This is waiting to be passed. “I do not support conversion therapy; it is pseudoscience which is harmful to the children that it is practiced on,” Stuck remarked.

The conversion therapy bill is just one of Stuck’s current projects. She has been working to get her other ideas put into legislation. Another issue she wants to impact is immigration. Rep Stuck believes that there should be a clear path to citizenship for immigrants. “I think that too many trying to come to our country illegally view the legal path to citizenship as hopeless and too cumbersome and that the reward in coming here illegally far outweighs the risks, “ Stuck explained. “President Trump does not have the right idea. I think that President Obama put the country on a much better course on this issue.” She said that we do need to deport immigrants who are involved in illegal activity and also said that we do not need to build a wall, or deport dreamers. She is also working on the public education budget. According to Stuck, schools need more funding, and the current system for determining school funding is broken and outdated. 

Stuck is also involved in several other organizations to help reach out. Stuck is one of the founders of the Wisconsin Future Caucus, an organization that hopes to encourage youth (especially millennials) to get more involved and supportive of politics. She is also a member of Cooperative Educational Service Agency 6, which is an educational solutions provider. She serves in their Women Leading Wisconsin Committee, which provides opportunities of leadership and growth to women across the state. “This is a group of women working in state and local government trying to work together as women to make sure that our colleagues have opportunities to learn and partner so that they can become even better leaders in their community,” Stuck said.

As her career as a politician progresses, Rep Stuck’s biggest goal for the state of Wisconsin is “to be a leader in environmental issues and conservation as well as to be a place where everyone can achieve the American dream and be welcomed.”

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