An Update from Chippewa

The Chippewa delegation has nearly doubled in size since the last Model Government session and while still small, they are making goals to grow and prosper in the future. Last year, the Chippewa Youth in Government Delegation had six delegates, and this year there are 11 members in the delegation.

The goal for the entire program every year is to continue to grow and become more represented in the debate at Model Government. This year, there was a variety of speakers that came in to help us understand and grow in each of our areas. This year, the hope specifically is to meet the deadlines if not beat them; in Legislative, the goal is to have each bill pass in at least one assembly. The Press Corps’ goal is to come out with more articles this year than last year and Supreme Court’s is have stronger briefs and oral arguments.

To accomplish their goals, one interesting thing they do at the beginning of each meeting is a Mock Debate where all the branches have to participate. They all practice Parli Pro so the Legislative can get some practice and each week they switch off who the speaker is and who represents the bill. Doing this helps the whole Delegation understand what Parli Pro is and how it works.

Amy Huempfner, the advisor for the Chippewa Delegation, has been advising for the Chippewa Delegation for three years now. The main responsibilities for being an adviser are coming up with things for each branch to do, bring in speakers to talk to us, and come up with fun activities to help delegates learn. Amy got involved in Youth in Government when Eau Claire advisor Jen Zwicky was going to do Youth in Government at Chippewa Falls Middle School and asked Amy if she wanted to help out. For the first year, Amy learned how to advise by watching Jen and since then Amy has been doing it on her own. Amy’s favorite part of the program is seeing everyone develop throughout the year and watch them grow more confident in themselves.

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