An Update from Eau Claire

This year the Eau Claire Delegation has a total of nineteen members, which includes six new participants. The majority of the delegation is comprised of legislative members, but has three supreme court members and five press corps members.

The last few months have been very eventful for the delegation. The Eau Claire Delegation had the privilege of hearing four guest speakers. Through speakers Emily Berge, Jeff Smith, Kathy Bernier, and Michael Fine, the members are grateful for learning about real life experiences in careers within Government.

Another event the delegation put together was a service project. As a way of giving back to the community, the Eau Claire Delegation members decorated several buses with lights and seasonal decorations before Christmas. The delegates took the Christmas themed buses full of children to the Christmas Village in Irvine Park.

In the near future, the Eau Claire Delegation plans to practice parliamentary procedure with the Chippewa Valley Delegation. Parliamentary procedure will allow the members to work together and further learn about government with a different group of delegates. This upcoming event will have passionate discussions and debates, which the delegates are looking forward to.

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