Advice to Aspiring Lawyers

Have you ever wanted to go into law? Be an attorney? Ten-year attorney, Andrew Micheletti, has some helpful advice for young delegates aspiring to go into law. Mitcheletti stated some of the many benefits and downfalls of being an attorney or just being in the law field in general. One benefit he said is just getting a chance to help people; he went on to talk about how some of his clients have given him thank you cards and formed lifelong connections with. One downfall of being an attorney that Micheletti stated was that he didn’t really enjoy the business side of being an attorney. He has to find his own clients which he found difficult.

Micheletti said his original motivation to study law was basically peer pressure to choose a path. Micheletti then recommended that this is not the most practical reason to study law; you might not enjoy it or even end up using your degree. In addition to that, it is very difficult to find jobs. When he first went into college he was a psych major and ended up graduating in three years. He was completely “burnt out” and decided not to go to law school after not doing so good on his LSAT (Law School Admission Test). His friends and his mother then pressed for him to practice law a few years later, he gave in to them. Andrew decided to study law and decided that he liked it.

Micheletti’s overall advice was to take law if you really enjoy it. If you want to study law, talk your local attorneys’ office because they would be happy to talk about their job and what they do. Also, his advice would be to “go to dental school. Dentists make grips of money and only have to work four days a week.”

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