New Delegations and New Possibilities

There are a few delegations that were added to our YIG family. The new delegations include the Manitowoc, Chippewa, and Sun Prairie delegations. The delegations leaders are Ben Giles for Sun Prairie, Amy Bye for Chippewa, and Barb Schmidt for Manitowoc. These new delegations were inspired by the youth. Ben and Barb both had started their delegations because of what the program offers their delegates. Ben said, “Our motivation to start a new delegation was rooted by the desire to get more kids involved in the Dane County area. We were looking to partner with some local schools and Prairie Phoenix Academy agreed to start the program in their school for interested kids.” Barb said how much she loves the program and and what it offers the youth, also how much the delegates have grown since October. The Chippewa delegation was “trying to get a delegation going for a while.” Amy said, “With the help of Jen Zwicky from Eau Claire Delegation, we were able to get the one at the middle school started.”
The Sun Prairie delegation has three delegates in the legislative part of the program. The Manitowoc delegation has six delegates all in the legislative part of the program as well. The Chippewa delegation has three delegates in the legislative part of the program. The programs don’t have many people now, but as the word spreads that Youth in Government is amazing, more people will hopefully join and make these delegations a really big success.

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