Captivity Bill

Delegate Madelyn Wind of the Door County delegation authored a bill number 112 titled “An Act to not let Zoos who have Animals who were Born and Raised in Captivity in Wisconsin.” She wrote this bill because of her love of animals and hopes to make it more of a sanctuary instead of a prison. She stated, “I think it is very important to have this bill because it respects our animals and gives them a happier life.” She hopes this will affect animals in a way where they are more free to live outside of captivity. She’s so passionate about animals because animals are so important to the world and society and they deserve to live a natural life. No one in her committee is doing a similar bill, but there is someone doing a bill about bee farms. An issue she sees about her bill being passed is she left some important details that were required but overall she feels confident. One reason she sees someone objecting her bill is that the zoos income might go down. Her bill is number 19 in the docket in the Harvey Assembly. Check the Press Corps Twitter @wiyig for updates on if her bill passes.

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