Foust and Morris Ticket

Carter Foust is a legislative delegate from Dane County who will be running for Wisconsin Youth Governor along with current First Justice of the Supreme Court, Lucy Morris from the Fox Cities Delegation, as his Lieutenant Governor. The two decided to run when Delegate Morris approached Delegate Foust about running together, which was perfect for Foust, for he was looking for a campaign-mate. The two delegates strongly believe that all of the branches of Youth in Government should be supported equally. The balance within the program areas currently is an issue they really want to address to make all delegates feel equal and have an equal voice. Foust and Morris also want to make sure that all delegations, branches, and members are treated with equal respect and regard for their opinions; every voice matters to them. They hope delegates consider them for these positions so they can implement all their plans for the program. According to the candidates, running for these executive positions is an honor, but winning them would be an even more an incredible privilege. Delegate Morris has a strong passion for YIG and wants to be able to share her knowledge, whether with her experience in the program or with her talents in the courtroom. She is honored with how much she could impact others throughout the state. Carter Foust wants to be able to help others, and strives to be able to feel that “spark of pride” that comes with winning. The candidates think that they can bring a lot of new ideas to the table from different perspectives of Supreme Court and Leg. They hope they can impact all the program areas and make the program more inclusive for all delegates. Governor candidate Carter Foust and Lieutenant Governor candidate Lucy Morris believe that they are excellent candidates for this year’s election. They sincerely hope that delegates consider them for the honor of governor and lieutenant governor and give them a chance to make a difference.

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