Comic Sans: protection or deletion?

Fonts are important. We use them to make a paper look more professional, make them stand out to the reader, or give them a look that you could not find with any other font. However, there is one font that seems to be stirring up controversy. Comic Sans, the goofy looking font that nobody seems to like, yet everybody still seems to use it. Many people, both on the internet and real life, have always tried to keep the font from ever being used on important documents and papers. Is this font a disgrace that needs to be banned from being used in bills or articles, or is there something to this goofy font that gives it a reason to be used?

Many people will argue that Comic Sans is a font that can’t be taken seriously. “I feel like the way that it looks is very unprofessional…and it looks very childish,” Delegate Sarah Fleming said. In many ways, this is very true. The font looks like it was handwritten by a child. If most people saw this on a very important document, the document would get much less recognition, no matter what kind of content it had. Some argue that the font drives people away.

However, maybe there is something about Comic Sans that people like about it. “I think it makes very serious things not so serious, and it looks more like handwriting. I like it that way,” Delegate Aaron Clements said. Some people may like how goofy the font is, and how it looks more like handwriting. It adds a more personal touch. They may like how it is so much bolder (literally) then other fonts. There are many things people don’t like about Comic Sans, but for the same reasons, many people do like the font.

An “A” in Comic Sans.

Comic Sans is a very controversial font. On one side, people say that you can’t take the font seriously, and say that the font is unreadable. But on the other side, people love the font for that same reason. While it is very true that Comic Sans is not a font that should appear on a bill or an article, many people wouldn’t really mind it. If you look at fonts like Helvetica, Times New Roman, and other respected fonts, many people don’t think much of them. But Comic Sans sticks out. And that is why it is such a loved/hated font. Do you think Comic Sans is meant to be deleted, or do you want it to be protected?

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