Dane County: Tackling Problems

Global warming, pollution, gerrymandering, health care, gender equality, refugees… the list goes on from there. These are all things that have been in the news, and the Dane County delegation has come up with ways to improve and help, if not solve these problems.

For example, the distribution of water bottles is a big problem as it is a major cause of pollution. Charlotte Perry, a Dane County delegate, has an idea of how to discourage the distribution of the notorious plastic water bottle. Her bill would limit sales of bottled water to 25% of a company’s revenue, and if the company sells more bottled water than they are permitted to them will be fined 5% of their revenue.

Gender equality is a big deal, but not thoroughly covered by the news. Sam Taylor-Feldman wrote a bill that puts a LGBTQ+/Gender NonBinary changing room in all schools in Wisconsin. The construction of these changing rooms would be paid for by a 22.2% tax on e-cigarette sales.

Given these are just some bills that the Dane County delegation wrote, imagine what an impact the whole program can have on the problems we see in the headlines each day. Together, Wisconsin can be the leaders for the rest of America to make a change.

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