Delegate Shares Her YIG Experience

My name is Quinn Casey and this will be my third year in the YIG program, and second year serving as the Vice President of the Stevens Point delegation. I’m a part of the legislative branch, which writes bills attempting to solve problems in Wisconsin, and debates these bills at the Model Government conference in Madison. We use the actual legislative chambers to hold our sessions, and despite trying to remain professional, we have a lot of fun. I knew that when I moved to Stevens Point from my small town there would be more opportunities awaiting me at a bigger school. Little did I know, the biggest opportunity and the most wonderful experience I had was from outside of school in Youth in Government. This program helped me meet people that shared my passion and interests. It introduced me to some of my closest friends and people that continue to inspire and astound me with their creativity, ideas, and determination. By writing and debating bills, I’ve learned to understand and respect the beliefs of others that conflict with my own. The way that students converse and cooperate about issues in YIG makes me proud to be a member, and I try to learn as much as I can from those who challenge my ideas. My years in YIG hold some of my fondest memories, and have influenced my life in many ways. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds.

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