Delegates’ Advice to Their Younger Selves

Being a first year in Youth In Government can be uncertain, and in some cases, nerve-wracking. All of us have been first years before, and a lot have continued with Youth in Government. Through the years, perceptions have changed, and knowledge has been gained. If they had the chance, what would experienced delegates tell their younger, first-year selves?

Chief Justice Emma Ross says “I definitely let the weekend unfold around me because I was scared people wouldn’t like me or that I wouldn’t be very good at what I was doing.” The root of her advice is to be active in Model Government. “[Youth In Government] has so many amazing things to offer with opportunities you won’t find anywhere else; I wish I could’ve seen that my first year.”

Going out of your comfort zones seems to be a trend- Mattie Zautner from Press Corps tells me that she would tell herself to be “confident in [her]self and be true to who I am, and what I believe in.” Mattie would tell herself to not be afraid of a new experience!

Thomas Felt says that it’s important to remember that “people don’t judge you for what you say, people judge you for how little you speak.” So it’s better to speak on every bill possible, even if you don’t sound the smartest. Another plus is that you get a lot better at speaking on the fly!

Model Government is nothing to be afraid of, so don’t let it pass you by. Meet new people, gain new experiences, and never be afraid to take action. While you’re in Madison, think about these pieces of advice, and I encourage you to follow them.

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