Explosion of Digital News

We crave the newest and most exciting news to be right at our fingertips, and now it is. Society is taking great steps towards new and more advanced digital technology. This technology is allowing people to see the news they care about when convenient for them. How many people do you see read the print newspaper anymore when you can look at the news with a simple click on your phone or laptop? People used to crowd around news vendors on street corners, waiting for the latest scandal to be revealed. This is no longer. Now ninety-three percent of U.S. adults get their news digitally. News outlets such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo are one hundred percent digital and almost one hundred percent more accessible compared to a printed newspaper. The audience of people sixty-five years of age and older often get their news from the paper. Forty-eight percent of them get their news from the printed paper, while only twenty percent of them get news online. The younger generation of those eighteen years of age to twenty-nine years of age mostly get their news online. Fifty percent of them get the news online and only five percent of them get their news from printed papers. There is a significant gap between the older and young age groups when it comes to getting their news from print newspapers. Overall, as digital technology advances with the generations, the generations’ way of accessing information also advances.

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