Diving into Devotionals

As you might know, last night was large group devotionals. As the night went on, everyone became more and more open to each other. The most common theme to what everyone was talking about was that they have made really great, lifelong friends and that they have found their family. Monica Leonard from the Fox Cities delegation commented, “I hang out with the wrong crowds, but every Tuesday when I come here, I know I’m in the right crowd.” When asked what she is thankful for, Emma Ross from the Fox Cities delegation said, “I want to be able to say I have those connections. And now I can.” Margaret Walker from the Dane County delegation said, “The thing that I’ve gained from YIG is the quality friendships.” Genevieve Frank from the Fox Cities delegation said, “I always feel like I’m loved and wanted here.” When he was asked what connections he has made, Parker Summers from the Fox Cities delegation said, “Things will often go wrong, but that’s when it shows you who really has your back.” And when Elly Craig from the Dane County delegation was asked the same question, she said, “What I’ve realized here is that I exposed my real family.” Not only did people talk about all the great friends that they have made, but they talked about how much they love YIG in general. Izzy Quattrucci from the Dane County delegation said, “I’m thankful for Youth in Government as a whole.” Hayden Holtz from the Fox Cities delegation said, “Youth in Government has been the best program that I have joined as a first year.” Ben Xiong from the Fox Cities delegation talked about each and every one of the seniors and what they have done for him, but when he was asked what he was thankful in YIG, he said, “I’m just thankful for what YIG has added to my life. It has added things that I didn’t even know could be added.” Nora Ptacek, our beloved senior governor said, “A lot of what I’ve gained from YIG is depth.” Andrew Duncombe from the Fox Cities Delegation was asked what he likes about YIG, he replied, “It’s great because I have all these ideas and people have to listen to me.” Near the end of the devotionals, Jenna Seiler from the Door County delegation said, “The good is in the loud, but the great is in the quiet when you can really realize what this all means to you.” So just take a moment, and think about your experiences this year at Model Government. Really take the time to think about everything. The friends you have made, the fun you have had, and the memories you have made.

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