Does the Capital have a Paranormal Presence?

For the past 2 days, I have been interviewing and questioning tour guides and janitors to ask their take on if they think that the Capitol is haunted. While most of them say no, one janitor on the highest floor of the Capitol building claimed the building was haunted and stated some strange occurrences. She said, ” I do think that the capitol is haunted; I for one haven’t experienced anything myself but I have heard stories from other janitors that work after midnight and they have said that sometimes when they are all walking together to the doors to leave around 2 A.M. they can hear footsteps and voices behind them and on different floors that echo throughout the hallways. When they turn to look there is no one there.

According to an article on Wisconsin History,  while building the second Capitol, the south entrance collapsed, killing 7 people and injuring 21. Later on, that Capitol would burn down, leading to the creation of today’s Capital building. Since today’s capital was built on the same grounds as the second one, it is possible that this capital could still be haunted. 

During our investigation, two fellow Press Corps members and I experienced an occurrence of our own. When we were walking around and as we passed a door on the second level of the Capitol, we all saw a black shadow for a split-second, so we began walking faster. Later we were on the second level, while discussing the babies painted on top of the dome (this is going to sound crazy), we heard a voice say,”You hide, and I’ll find you.” Then, we started to run. After this happened, we returned to the Press Room to conduct more research on paranormal occurrences.

One source stated that the person that designed the second Capitol building hated it so much that once at Picnic Point in Madison, a man named August Kutzbock took one last breath and slowly walked into Lake Mendota and drowned himself. Additionally, there have been many reports of a strange red light that shines from the water of Picnic Point onto today’s capital. So, from our standpoint, there is some kind of presence in the Capitol building. It may not be evil, but it is possible that the 7 fallen workers from the collapsing south entrance from the 2nd capitol building live on here in the Capitol.  Although, this is just a theory… the real question remains at large: is the Capitol building have paranormal activity, or is it just that our paranoia got the best of us? 

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