The Digital Age Dilemma

Nowadays people everywhere are on their phones or some sort of electronic. You see so many things going digital nowadays. There are significantly fewer people watching the news; instead, they just go on their phones and type up what they want to know about. If you want to know something, you type up a quick sentence. All things are going digital, but is this good or bad?

The digital world is amazing in terms of how quickly news gets out to people. For example, you can look up when a new episode of my favorite show comes out in a second; that is, only if you have WiFi. Truth be told, that is always the biggest problem since the only way to access the digital world is if you have WiFi. With that comes the advertising; you can’t look up anything without an ad about clothes or the hottest new game popping. With all that being said, none of these “bad” things about the digital world are truly bad, more so inconveniences. In this digital age, you can email an important letter to someone in a snap. You can video chat with anyone whenever you want around the globe. The world is truly your oyster, held right at the tips of your fingers.

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