FBI withholds information about Florida School Shooting

Almost everyone is aware of the tragic school shooting in Florida that happened on Valentines Day which killed 17 people and injured 21; it was also the 43rd school shooting this year alone. The FBI made a statement saying that they were warned on Jan. 5 of this year saying that the suspect, Nickolas Cruz, owned a gun and talked about committing a school shooting. With this statement, Americans have been lashing out about their failing trust in the FBI. A mother of a victim who was doing a live video after the news broke with a local news channel stated that if the FBI can’t find or fail to start looking into dangerous people, how do we put our trust in them to find other terrorists? The New York Times was the first news source to report this sad flaw in the FBI. The New York Times also stated that this is not the first time that the FBI has failed to look into a report from countless people. The most recent failures to report by the FBI include the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Florida Night Club Shooting. This is also not the first time the FBI has been in the spotlight; they have been in the spotlight because bias in the FBI against President Trump. While the outcome of the Russia Prob in the meddling in the 2016 elections is still unknown, this tragic miscarriage of responsibility cost the lives of many innocent people. 

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