Ghostly Facts about Capitol Painting

This painting in the Madison Capitol building is more than just a painting. There’s a story to be told. The painting depicts three women surrounding another woman who is dressed in a gold robe with a gold crown. The woman in the crown represents Wisconsin and the three women around her represent the three major bodies of water surrounding Wisconsin: Lake Michigan, the Mississippi River, and Lake Superior. But there is more: the ghost. Hauntingly looming just above the badger, an eerie and unexplained figure stands. While all the folklore and possible tales behind the man swirl around the Capitol, a pretty solid theory of the truth prevails. The history behind it is that there used to be a different painting where the new one is, but it got covered over. A few years later people came to clean it. As the cleaned the painting, the older painting with the man showed up, because the oils and dust way cleaned away.  Although the ghost in the painting may not be so frightening after all, it is still a part of our beauty Capitol and the rich history along with it. 

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