First Impressions From a First Year

As a first year in Youth In Government, I was extremely excited to be given the honor of going to Model Gov. I have friends who have been in YIG for years and said it was incredible. To me, it all sounded cliche. People said it was “eye-opening” and “life-changing” and the first thing that came to mind was a Hallmark movie. Little did I know that everyone was absolutely right. When I tell people at my school about YIG they say “Huh, cool” instead of the reaction I want. Which is “Oh my gosh that’s so cool! Could I join?” Now that I have experienced the full essence of Model Gov I want to make people change their reactions and be a part of this family and community. I think one of the most memorable things that struck a heart string with me was devotionals. I may be a first year but being surrounded by such YIG “Legends” was an honor. I heard stories of late-night adventures from CONA, how they were forced into joining YIG by friends, and their challenges in life and how YIG helped them. I feel that every delegate should at least go once, but I know as a fact I’ll be going every year. The second most memorable thing was going up in Nelson Assemble and debating as a press delegate. I feel no matter who you are you should put yourself out there and stand for what you think is right, which is the entire purpose of YIG. There is so many words you can use to describe Model Gov, but for some moments there are no words. How do you explain the feeling in the air when the delegates arrive, or when someone is passionately debating about their bill? Or when friends see each other for the first time in a year? I guess you could use “electric” or “a family bond,” but I think that the description is up to every individual. For I see it as “incredible.”

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