Florida School Shooting

As everyone in Wisconsin was going forth with their normal life’s on their Valentines day, in Parkland Florida, tragedy and heart pounding fear was playing out.  It was 2:21 p.m., 1:21 our time when the gun shoots rung out, students and teachers are taking shelter. The suspect, Nickolas Cruz, pulled the fire alarm so everyone would run out. Around 10 minutes later the shooting  stopped. He then fled the scene with other students trying to escape safely. He was later caught walking along a street about a mile away. The motive of the suspect was quickly determined. The suspect was angered by his recent expulsion from that school last year and wanted revenge. He also lost his mother to the flu earlier this year. A mother of a victim spoke to CNN later that day, she was very angered and sad about her lost she stated that president Trump and all of the lawmakers in Washington need to stop saying that it is time for change, and that they need to do something about gun violence. Many other parents and students agree with her, one student who was doing a live interview on GMA stated that we can not let this become a new normal, and we can not have everyone live in fear. He also stated that the laws on guns need to change because there is a pattern with shooting’s at school’s, and events across the country and across the world. But that also the world is changing and governments need’s to keep up with modern day assurances, and new technology that can cause mass destruction, and mass death to everyone around them. In all, 17 people died, and 21 people were injured. This is now the 43rd school shooting this year alone. There is no telling what will happen next to those teens and parents in Parkland, Florida; but sadly this isn’t the last school shooting that will play out this year. Buy as you look back every decade, or century had there troubles, and it look’s like gun violence and terrorism our this decade, and century’s issues. Our deepest condolences go out to all of the victims and the victims families of the injured and dead in Parkland, Florida.   

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