Restaurant Review: Forage Kitchen

Forage Kitchen is the healthiest, hippest, college campus hot spot to eat on state street. At 665 State Street, when you walk in its doors a comforting aroma of freshness fills the air. As you go down the line, you pick from all the fresh, locally grown ingredients.

My fellow section editor, Delegate Rose, and I headed down to Forage Kitchen Friday night to test it out. The service was excellent and all of the staff members were extremely polite. Each of our salads were delicious, and Forage also specializes in Acai bowls, smoothies, and fresh blends of fruit and veggies for juice. The restaurant focuses on leaving a clean footprint on our environment and has wallet-friendly prices. Not only good for you but for the planet, everyone should stop into Forage Kitchen to try some delicious cuisine.

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