Fox Cities Teen Issues Forum

Genevieve Frank, co-president of the Fox Cities Delegation, recently organized a Teen Issues Forum, modeled after Eau Claire’s Forum last year. The goal of the forum is to give youth a voice in local and state issues by giving them a chance to talk with some of their representatives.

Fox Cities’ Forum hosted Amanda Stuck, District 57 on the House of Representatives, Mike Rohrkaste, Representative for District 55, and Vered Meltzer, the first transgender alderperson of District 2. This was held on Saturday, December 2nd. This was open to all youth who decided they wanted to come and meet these influential politicians.

When running for governor, Frank discovered that Eau Claire had recently done a Teen Issues Forums with local representatives. She was inspired and decided to organize one of her own. Her goal was “to have multiple speakers come in and talk to students.” Frank stated. “I really wanted both Youth in Government members to get something out of it, and then also any teens needing information. We just wanted anyone to know what is going on and how it affects them.”

Although Eau Claire did do this last year, Frank said that she didn’t know exactly what to expect. “It was a small turnout… I think it was nice to get the aspect of the state and the city, and see how that works together.”

The three speakers inspired delegates by speaking about sex trafficking, substance addiction, homelessness, lead in our drinking water, and much more. An opportunity was presented at the end for questions. Not only were they discussing what issues there were, but they were also discussing how they were planning on fixing them.

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