Good Food, Good Times

Everyone loves food. The food in Madison is something that many delegates have come to love, whether it is a franchise like Starbucks or a place unique to Madison like Ian’s Pizza. If you are looking for a place to eat, there are definitely many options. If quick and simple is your style, then Noodles & Company or Ian’s Pizza might be great choices for you. Noodles is a well-known franchise that has great food that many enjoy. Being a favorite choice of many, Ian’s is a unique pizzeria with large slices that many YIG delegates have come to love. Also, both are easy to access since they are close to the Capitol. Some more traditional, family-fun restaurants to visit are Tutto Pasta, Nostrano, and Cento. These places are interesting choices that are on the fancier side. Delicious Italian food is served at each of these restaurants that is sure to satisfy. These spots would be perfect for dinner before the Governor’s Ball. Coffee shops are a great breakfast destination, as well as a fun way to begin the day. Some great ones are Michelangelo’s Coffee House, Espresso Royale Cafe, or even good old dependable Starbucks. Any of these will work for a quick coffee, a nice breakfast, or lunch with friends. But no matter which restaurants you choose to visit this Youth in Government session, know that it is not about the food you eat, but the people there with you. Do yourself a favor and meet new people this year. Go out of your comfort zone with what you eat and who you meet; you won’t regret it.

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