Rejuvenation of Governor’s Cabinet Proposal

Every morning at Model Gov, a group of selected delegates wake up earlier than the rest to meet at 8 AM to discuss the future of our program in the Governor’s Cabinet.  Today, the Governor’s Cabinet meeting there was a heated debate over a proposal by Lieutenant Governor Jenna Seiler.  The proposed bill’s purpose is to create a new system for the assignment of cabinet members.  The change will give each delegation one representative instead the current two representatives.  This bill also gives the governor the power to choose who 30 percent of the the cabinet members are as long as 50 percent of the total cabinet members aren’t from the governor’s delegation.  

“The point behind it is that we all know that our program is growing and it’s growing at a rate right now that is sustainable… but in a few years might not be.  For example, at the moment we have nine delegations and we have 5 executives.  So as it stands right now, we have almost 31 people in the cabinet.  And we are at the point where if we keep adding more delegations, it’s not going to be feasible to have that many people talking at once” author Jenna Seiler said.  “We are already have a few issues with a lot of opinions flying around the room, and we saw that today with this bill.”

So far, there have been no decisions made about the proposal or if this will come into place or not. There have been a lot of concerns brought up but there have been an equal amount of pros debates argued as well.  

“The debate was good and it was a little intense which is a wonderful way to start off the morning.  We have not come to a decision though, we will be voting tomorrow morning.  Honestly it’s a complete toss up and I have no prediction on which way it is going to go.  We’re going to keep talking about it, I know that everybody has some final issues they want to bring up” delegate Cameron Rass said.

Talk to your Governor’s Cabinet member about what you think before the vote tomorrow morning.

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