News is Going Digital: For Better or For Worse

The world of news as we know it is changing; big-name newspapers are switching to online reports. A recent study from Barkley Education online’s website stated that the rate of journalism, all though it is declining, the rate of people watching television and going online to receive news is rapidly increasing. Barkley also stated that by 2025, it is most likely that we will get all our news from television or from our phones. While the new generation of civilization wouldn’t mind for news to go completely digital, the older generation want it to stay the same, because for them learning how to work and use the internet and new devices is a challenge. If the news world would totally turn their back on print newspapers, many jobs to be lost. This threat from the man-made source could cause so many people’s jobs to be lost. The biggest news sources from television to online news are always at war in the attempt to get the most views that sometimes they fudge the truth to try and get the most attention. Most of the time, local news sources are left out of the spotlight even by their own communities. These news sources are always trying to get breaking news stories but by the time they do bigger news sources have already published them and have gotten thousands of views. With net neutrality, these big news sources can now pay more to make their websites and publishing work faster and leaving local news sources, that don’t have enough money to pay for faster internet, even more isolated from the new digital news world.

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