How to Be Confident at Model Gov

Being new to Youth in Government can be scary. There are new people who are older than you, and worst of all, you have to talk in front of people. Especially for people who are shy, it can seem like a big deal.

However, there are lots of tips that experienced delegates can give to all first year delegates. A lot of times, Press Corps does not get as many tips from delegation leaders, because most of it seems to happen at Model Government in Madison.

A lot of tips for delegates in Press Corps have to do with asking questions. The first thing, especially for shy students, is to not be afraid to ask people questions. Still, there are specific things to keep in mind. One is to wait for the right time to ask questions. This is important, because if a delegate is caught up in what they are doing, they might not give the answers you are looking for, or any answer at all. Instead, people should go up to the delegate, and simply ask if they can set up a time that would be good for an interview. One good time to ask people for an interview is at a meal.

Young Press Corps delegates should also ask good questions and be persistent to get good answers. That way, their articles turn out better and have good information in them. Finally, delegates should consult older delegates. They have a lot of good information, and can truly help to make new delegates feel welcome and know what is going on.

Youth and Government can be scary at first, but with confidence and proper information, it quickly becomes fun.

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