How to Fight the Flu at Model Gov

Ask any delegate and they will tell you the best part about YIG is the weekend of Model Government. Everyone enjoys sitting in the Capitol chambers, debating bills, presenting cases, writing articles, going to the Governors Ball, and spending time with your friends from around the state, and this is just the beginning of how great the weekend can be. This is not something that you want to miss being sick in your hotel room. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to me last year. This year especially, the flu epidemic is spreading far and wide, so this Model Government, don’t let it get to you.

This year, I am taking extra precautions to avoid getting the nasty flu that’s been hitting people around the country. For starters, I have been trying to get more sleep. Sleep is the way our body regenerates after a long day of trying to change the world. In order to deliver the best arguments the next day in chambers, a good night’s sleep is needed, so I encourage you to try to get a decent amount of sleep this weekend (power nap in the capitol chambers if need be). Another thing you can do is eat healthy. Ian’s pizza is great and all, but maybe don’t have pizza for every meal this weekend; mix it up a bit.  Now, the most important thing you can do to stay healthy is wash your hands! There are germs everywhere, so wash your hands and send them down the drain.

Other random things that you can do are opt for tea at Starbucks instead of your normal latte; it can help clear your throat and nose of mucus and bacteria. Eating more protein can also help strengthen your immune system. Drinking lots of water and juice is another great option. When walking around the Capitol, keep your hands to yourself and don’t touch every single railing. If your really worried about germs, you can sanitize everything before touching it…but that may be a bit extra. I would also recommend cleaning your phone often. Do you know how many nasty germs are on the thing that you spend most of your time on?

These are just a few small pointers that will help you be more healthy so you do not miss out on experiences that could turn into life long memories. 

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