How YIG has Changed Me for the Better

First off, YIG is going to be a memory I will never forget. I have enjoyed meeting new people, trying out foods that are not in Eau Claire, and just being myself. In the three days I’ve been here, I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned to be myself. At my delegation, I always used to have my face in my phone. Hence my nickname, “phone girl” by Harrison Shepich. And I would never speak, unless I had to. Even then I would be quiet and not speak up. Now, I feel like next year, when I come back, I can truly be myself. I want to thanks to my peers, my room mate, and most importantly, Jen Zwicky.  I feel like everyone who has ever been part of the amazing community of YIG will always remember the feeling we had here this weekend. The buzz of excitement, and the feeling of being able to be yourself.

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