Interesting Bills in Chippewa

Chippewa delegation is on its second year of being in Youth in Government. In the past year, the delegation has grown from three to six delegates. Three out of the six delegates are in Harvey Assembly. An interesting bill from the delegation is Elise Bormann’s bill, which is “An Act to Reduce the Number of Vision Related Traffic Accidents in Wisconsin.” The purpose of  the bill is to show people that not all car accidents are from caused by dunk driving, reckless driving, and people on their phone. It explains that there are some accidents caused by poor vision. Delegate Bormann stated, “I started learning in school different reasons why people die in accidents and everyone knows about speeding and drunk driving but one reason people die in traffic accidents that nobody stops to think about is vision related problems.” She said that people do not know about vision related problems, but poor eyesight is the cause of about 20% of accidents.

Bormann’s bill has been passed through the Harvey Assembly and is moving on to be passed in another chamber. Check out the Press Corps Twitter @wiyig to follow bill number 64.


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