Interview with the Editor-in-Chief

Delegate Erin Gretzinger is this years Press Corps Editor-in-Chief. By next year, one-third of her life will have been spent in Youth in Government. Gretzinger signed up for this program when delegate Emma Ross, current Chief Justice, came to her 7th grade ELA class and presented about Youth in Government. Gretzinger thought that it sounded like an amazing opportunity and she has been with the program ever since. After a few years of experience and being encouraged by the previous Editor in Chief, Gretzinger decided to run for the position of Editor-in-Chief. She was a only a freshman in high school at the time and she was scared because she didn’t know if she was ready for the position. Last year, it was stressful and nerve wracking at times because she wanted to make the program the best that it could be for everybody. Although, all the stress was worth it, she said. Last year through the stress, Gretzinger realized that she loved this position more than she previously thought at the Gubernatorial Debate when she had the gavel in her hand. “It was the first time that I realized that people were looking up to me as Editor-in-Chief. It was an unforgettable moment,” she stated. She made this program more structured since she became Editor-in-Chief; adding a new website and using social media helped with this. Despite these upgrades, with the position of EIC comes lots of stress, according to Gretzinger. To deal with this, she said she “takes a deep breath” to remind herself of one of the reasons she loves YIG. She knows even if she made a mistake, that everyone would forgive her. She likes knowing how forgiving this program is. She believes that everybody in this program can succeed. She said that when if you fall, “there are people that will pick you back up again.” Knowing all of this helps her deal with the stress of this position. Gretzinger enjoys the freedom of choosing your own path and writing about what you want; she likes that not everything is assigned to you while working in press. Gretzinger wants to come back as a college advisor because she has seen how of a  important role it is and she wants to continue to get closer to delegates.  She wants to build up the foundation of this program area and make it sustainable so that is successful long after she is gone. She wants to make sure that the younger delegates are not forced into a position and that they feel comfortable in the program. She is honored to serve as EIC and hopes to make a positive impact on delegates throughout the program so they can “grow to love this program as much as [she] does.”

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