Travel Ban Review

There has been a great deal of controversy around president Trump’s travel ban. The ban restricts visitors from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen from entering the country, along with North Koreans, who were already banned on a statewide level. This has caused a great deal of debate on whether or not if it is constitutional, or if it is a good measure to protect our country. So, was a travel ban a good idea, or a bad one?

Many people argue that the ban was made to keep the USA safe. These countries have been known areas of multiple terrorist groups, and with the many recent attacks, these people believe it would be better if they are restricted from the USA. Terrorists are a growing problem, and people argue that a travel ban will keep us safer.

However, many people also say that a travel ban is incredibly immoral. After all, not every person from the countries is a terrorist, and the travel ban also means keeping out completely normal civilians. They argue that the travel ban breaks the constitution by not being a country that is “free for all.”

This is a very touchy subject, and it is something that cannot be changed at the state level. This doesn’t mean that the issue isn’t out of our control, however. After all, the USA is a country for the people, and with enough people, anything can change. If you feel that your opinion doesn’t matter, you can make it matter. There are other people who will agree with you. You just have to find them.

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