Isis Near Defeat in Middle East

For the people in Syria and Iraq, it has been a long time since they have lived in freedom. Instead, they have lived in fear since 2014 when the terrorist group ISIS took hold of Mosul, a city in northern Iraq, as well as countless other cities and small towns. As ISIS took control of the Middle East and planned terror attacks around the world, the US army and special forces moved into Iraq and Syria. Their one mission, and one mission only, was to take ISIS down. Ever since, ISIS has evolved; they have pledged full out war on the US and any country that doesn’t believe in their cause. ISIS is reported to have killed at least 1,400 people around the world from terror attacks, extreme bombing, and shooting innocent people in their own town’s and cities. What once was beautiful cities with nightlight and night activities that would shine out into space are now among our dark places on earth from space; but now ISIS is near defeat in Syria and Iraq, and they have told their fighters to stay in Mosul and die for what they believe in. All of ISIS’s biggest leaders are fleeing to Afghanistan, causing the Taliban, another terrorist group, to panic. They are launching attack in attemp to take over Kabul, a city once ruled by the Taliban. Even though ISIS is almost gone in the middle east and people can return to their homelands, the fear from ISIS is still there; from the bombed buildings to the ISIS flags that still fly over cities in Syria and Iraq, every nation holds it breath in hope that no more lives will be lost to the terrorists. 

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