Izzy Quattrucci and Erik Tate

The race is on to win the votes and take the name and responsibilities.  This year, we have a range of candidates including delegates Erik Tate and Izzy Quattrucci.  Tate has been a delegate from Eau Claire for the past five years, and it has always admired the roles of governor and lieutenant governor.  He wasn’t sure if he wanted to run for governor, but agreed when Izzy had asked him at CONA 2016 and realized that as a duo, they could do a lot of things to improve the program.  Quattrucci has been a delegate for three years, spending all of them in legislative.  Together, they have the core ideas that they bring to the table with their candidacy.  The first includes setting up a direct line to the governor on the website so legislative delegates can contact them.  “This will be helpful to help the governor work with the delegates,” Quattrucci said.  “This would give delegates an opportunity to contact either of us to have help with their bill so they can pass,” Tate said.  Secondly, they want to raise funds for press can print in color while trying not to raise the prices of the program.  The third is to help the Chief and First Justice get the executive branch to support their curriculum.   The fourth idea is to help start a statewide recruitment team for discussions.  Finally, the fifth idea is to give delegates the opportunity to have their articles published in other large journals.  “We had a discussion and concluded that most governor candidates try to mush all of the program ideas together, but this is not the way to go because all areas have different needs to help the program thrive in the end,” Quattrucci said.  In the end, they are both running for the same reasons.  “Both of us have a lot of experience and we don’t want to change everything about YIG.  We want to improve on the great progress made in the past years,” Tate said.  “I would not be the same person I am without YIG and I have this passion for this program.  To me, the only qualification should be love for the program and I can guarantee this to everyone, YIG is my obsession and life,” Quattrucci said.


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